Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend in Wisconsin; Part 2

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It is a perfect fall morning, far too nice to stay in the house. . .

But, of course, our friends have to prepare for the final day of the art tour and our “assistance” is really of very little use.

Sadly, it is time for us to head home, which probably means saying good-bye to fall for this year.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend in Wisconsin; Part 1

Friends of ours participate in a fall art tour in Wisconsin at this time every year. For too many years now we have looked at the calendar and decided that we can’t go. . . so this year we decide to make time for a visit.

Besides, it is a beautiful day for a leisurely trip south along the river through and into Wisconsin.

We take time for a lovely lunch at the Hotel Trempealeau (try the walnut balls/burgers). . . .

. . . then head down to Spring Green to visit a few artists’ studios (a little Christmas shopping done) and enjoy a least a little Frank Lloyd Wright architecture.

But it is getting late, so it is time to move along – with a few photo stops as the sun prepares to set.

We are late to arrive, but the Byers greet us warmly anyway and soon we are all busy in the kitchen “helping” prepare dinner.

It’s a wonderful evening!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Beautiful Summer Day in October

I went to the Landscape Arboretum hoping to find a quiet place to contemplate the changing season. It was enough of a zoo that I'm not likely to return anytime soon, but it was lovely.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall in Italy

I'm home from a great trip in Italy.

Despite the limited number of entries I’ve actually posted, I’ll start an index with links. This will be updated as I get to it. . .

The Best Thing at JFK (September 13)


Ristorante Il Secchio (September 13)

Triton Fountain in Piazza Barberini (September 15)
Trevi Fountain

Ancient Rome at Night

Roma Termini (September 18)


Orvieto Looks Like My Kind of Place
(September 18)

After the Storm (September 19)
Class Begins
Orvieto's Duomo
This is Going to be Really Hard
Then We Come Across a Wedding
Evening View from the Convent

Morning (September 20)
Road Trip to a City in the Sky
Scenes from along the Road

In the Rose Garden (September 21)
Searching for a Location
Cleaning Day in a Magical, Mysterious Place
Back to the Day's Assignment
Orvieto from Above
On a Mission for Jan
Just Wandering
Lane's Been Practicing His Photography

Morning View from Our Window (September 22)
La Scarzuola
A Lesson Way Outside My Comfort Zone

Market Day (September 23)
Night in Orvieto

Around the Instituto San Lodovico (September 24)
San Giovenale
Wandering Ancient Streets

Good-bye, Orvieto (September 25)
A Few Parting Images


A Balcony with a Garden View
(September 25)
Introduction to Florence

Solitude is Golden (September 26)

Sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo

From the Mountains to the Coast (October 3)

The Details


Sunday, October 3, 2010

From the Mountains to the Coast

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It is a stunningly beautiful morning as we leave Trevi.

We drive down through the olive groves, wishing we had more time to explore here.

Actually, there are a lot of places we would like to have time to explore. There are interesting-looking towns everywhere and, even in our relatively short drive across the country to the sea, the landscape changes dramatically.

What a lovely day!

Do we really have to leave?

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